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Many service members are still serving in the Middle East. If you are one of these service members, and you find yourself facing UCMJ or adverse action, Mr. Karns can help whether you are in Kuwait at Ali Al Salem Air Base, Camp Arifjan, Camp Beuhring, Camp Patriot, or Kuwait Navy Base; in Qatar at Al Udeid Air Base or in Doha; or in Bahrain at NSA Bahrain or the Naval Regional Contracting Center; or in Egypt.

As a military attorney, Mr. Karns can simply advise and counsel you regarding your options and strategies for dealing with your case and command; negotiate a resolution to your problem with your command from the U.S.; or travel to your location to represent you at your administrative board or article 32 hearing or court-martial.

Recent Cases

Client was a Sergeant and Military Policeman stationed at Camp As Sayliyah, Qatar, when he was accused of rape by a female Army Specialist. Specifically, she claimed he committed a sexual act upon her while she was unconscious and incapable of consenting due to impairment by an intoxicant, a condition that he knew of or reasonably should have known. At first, the Client denied the allegation, but then agreed to take a polygraph at the insistence of the CID investigators, which he failed. Client then confessed and admitted he had sex with the accuser after she had passed out. Charges were preferred against the Client for rape at a general court-martial. Client hired Attorney Karns who first represented him in Qatar for Client’s Art 32 hearing. Attorney Karns was able to expose inconsistencies in the accuser’s story through aggressive cross-examination; however, in the end, the Investigating Officer recommended the case go to trial because of the Client’s confession. Regardless of the end result, Attorney Karns felt he had created momentum for the Client’s side of the story, and after consulting with the Client submitted a Chapter 10 request for Client to be administratively separated. Through a convincing explanation of the motive behind Client’s eventual confession and the unreliability of the accuser’s story, Mr. Karns persuaded Client’s command that prosecution beyond a reasonable doubt was unlikely. Client’s command granted the Chapter 10 and Client was separated from the Army with no criminal conviction and no jail time.

* Past results achieved are not a guarantee of future results. Each case is unique and reference must be made to the specific legal and factual circumstances presented.

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  • All Coast Guard installations.

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