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Many service members are still serving in Iraq and throughout the Middle East. If you are one of these service members, and you find yourself facing UCMJ or adverse action, Mr. Karns can help.

As a military attorney, Mr. Karns can simply advise and counsel you regarding your options and strategies for dealing with your case and command; negotiate a resolution to your problem with your command from the U.S.; or travel to your location to represent you at your administrative board or article 32 hearing or court-martial.

Recent Cases

Client was an activated reservist and a law enforcement officer as a civilian. While in Iraq, he found out that a female co-worker accused him of rape. Client and the female soldier had shared a hotel room with two other soldiers during a weekend of pre-deployment training. Everyone went to dinner and Client later returned to the room alone. The remaining soldiers went to the hotel bar and drank. The female soldier returned to the room, had sex with Client, and left to go back to the bar. A couple of days later, her boyfriend noticed bruises on her and pressured her into claiming that she was raped by Client. Everyone had deployed, including Client who, because he was placed under investigation, was ordered to return to the US. Client hired Mr. Karns who contacted Client’s command. After lengthy negotiations, and despite the fact that Client failed a polygraph, Client’s command agreed to give him a company grade Article 15 and discharged him from active duty with an Honorable Discharge.

Army SPC was charged with obstruction of justice and false official statement at a special court-martial for allegedly assisting a fellow soldier who was charged with rape. Client came under investigation after the fellow soldier was charged and witnesses claimed that Client assisted the soldier by destroying evidence. Mr. Karns traveled to Balad, Iraq to represent Client at the court-martial where he was found not guilty. Client soon redeployed back to the States and received an Honorable Discharge.

In 2004, Mr. Karns traveled to Baghdad, Iraq, where he represented a U. S. Army Soldier accused of abuses in the Abu Ghraib prison scandal. Mr. Karns guided and counseled his client, a decorated Military Intelligence Soldier through the plea bargain process securing him one of the lowest sentences among those Soldiers sentenced to confinement. Mr. Karns obtained this result by zealously defending his client in the sentencing phase of the proceeding, presenting extensive extenuation and mitigation evidence in his client’s behalf. You may have seen or read of Mr. Karns’ handling of this case on CNN, ABC, the Associated Press, or your local news. Mr. Karns has also appeared on NBC as a commentator on military law matters.

* Past results achieved are not a guarantee of future results. Each case is unique and reference must be made to the specific legal and factual circumstances presented.

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