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  • Are you being treated as if you are guilty until proven innocent?
  • Are you being kept in the dark about a complaint someone made against you or the results of an investigation?
  • Did agents ignore your Miranda Rights and requests for an attorney?
  • Did agents fail to follow the correct procedures or ignore the witnesses or evidence in your favor?
  • Is your leadership taking too long or ignoring you?

If you are suspected of or have been questioned about or charged with a criminal offense under the Uniform Code of Military Justice, start preparing your best defense now with a free consultation from attorney Stephen P. Karns.

Attorney Karns will aggressively protect your rights, advise you of the law, scrutinize the evidence against you, and help you develop your best defense.

Stephen P. Karns represented a client at sea on the carrier USS John C. Stennis (2018)
In October 2018, Mr. Karns represented a client in a rare general court-martial at sea on the carrier USS John C. Stennis.
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Watch television interviews and coverage of Mr. Karns’ military law cases, including the Iraq Abu Ghraib Prison scandal.


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What Past Clients Have to Say

    5/5

I’m Beyond Excited!

Since you got me through all of that I figured I owed it to you to let you know that I had my assignment last night and I’m going on to fly *********!! I’m beyond excited! Usually it’s a ************* aircraft only and I’ll be the first female direct hire to ****** so it’s pretty cool! Anyway just thought I would let you know, thanks again for everything, sir.

— Lt.
     5/5

Great Advice and Knowledge

Thank you for all your help after I was informed that I had a positive UA come back. I have been found not guilty at my second reading mostly due to your help. Thank God that I hired you. I will be ETSing on time now and will be back with my family soon. Thank you for all your quick responses and great advice and knowledge. I will be recommending you to any other military brothers and sisters that are in any sort of similar situation. Thank you again.

— A.G.
    5/5

Highly Recommended

I also want to say how impressed I am with your operation, from returning the original phone call at 4:45 on a Sunday to now. Everything you have done in these last 5 days has given my brother better than a fighting chance in my eyes and I know our family is appreciative and hoping for the best outcome. I will keep your info close, and you will come highly recommended if anyone is ever needing your expertise in a matter such as this.

— T.K.
    5/5

Have Been a True Blessing

I appreciate you and knowing I have a fantastic attorney in my corner who understands the trauma I am going through. Your willingness to fight for me has been the only thing that keeps me from going into a dark place. Our phone call today helped tremendously knowing there is a chance to save my job during this whole process. You have been a true blessing, and my family extends their thanks. We trust in you and will let this process play out. Thank you again sir. Thank you so much.

— T.K.
    5/5

Thank You Very Much for All You Do

I wanted to inform you that I have received my DD 214 for Medical Retirement with Honorable Character of Service. My last day of Active Duty is 31 March 2021. Please extend my gratitude and appreciation to your team members. Thank you very much for all you do for us.

— C.H.
    5/5

Eternally Grateful for Your Help

I cried tears of joy when I received the news. I honestly didn’t think this would be possible! I seriously could not thank you both enough and I will be eternally grateful for your help. I know you were just doing your jobs, but I doubt I would’ve gotten this result without your counsel.

— D.M.

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